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Rose's Page

Roseb441702 started this conversation

Hello World!

I'm Rose and I live just outside of Philadelphia.

I work at home doing grant research and consultations. My Blog is called Grant Basics 101 which is about basic and general information about grants and grant programs and since I work from home I also have a Working From Home Blog as well!

February 2008

I have just made my first Grant Basics 101 Podcast!

You can find out more information about the podcast by going to:


December 15, 2007

It's been a while since I have visited here. The site has changed a lot and its hard finding out how to view the most recently posted comments. But as soon as I figure it out I will try to provide some answers.

My newest blog is called The Unclaimed Money Blog with information about what the government calls "Unclaimed" Money


July 31. 2007

If you think that there are no grant programs out there for individuals then you are sadly mistaken. I have found grant programs for the individual for some time now. It does involve some work though. You have to do your research well and weed through a lot of information.

You can see some examples of some of the individual people that have received grants - especially to start their own businesses by going to my Grant Basics 101 Blog at:

Don't let anyone tell you that there are no grant programs out there for the individual!


July 5, 2007

Doctors and other medical professionals (including nurses and dentists) can now apply for grant incentives if they agree to practice in New Orleans to help deal with the medical needs of the people there. Not only is this good news for medical professionals but it is also good news to the people who are still trying to stay in New Orleans but are having a hard time getting medical care because of their inability to pay and long waiting lists. You can read more about this program by going to my Grants Blog.

If you are a medical professional and want to pay back your student loans.....

July 3, 2007

Many times I have suggested that people start a blog so that they could start earning money using Google's Adsense program. That is where you put ads on your site and you get paid when visitors to your site click on the ads. Just in case you're wondering about how much money some people are making using Adsense just click this link:

How much money people are making using Adsense

May 7, 2007

There are also organizations out there that provide emergency financial aid for things such as a high car repair bill, car note/payment and helping those that are disabled. For example one woman was able to get badly needed dental work that cost $700 which was paid for by the organization.

April 26, 2007

Many people are unaware of their Rehabilitation services in their own home town. The ones that do know about it think it’s only for helping handicapped citizens. Wrong. They are in a position to help with free surgery, dental work and much, much more.

If you are employed, but a health problem may prevent you from continuing to work, your local center can help. Especially convenient for those who need a major operation, but have no insurance, This center will pay for the doctors’ visits, medication, actual surgery, recuperative equipment and physical therapy, as well as major dental work, too.

Had dental problems for years? Discolored, broken or missing teeth keeping you from a promotion you deserve? Are your dental problems causing you pain? Speak to someone at your local center. They’ll help you find a dentist in your area that can fix your dental problems and get you back to work in no time.

The goal is to help those with handicaps find and keep work. Even if your handicap is temporary, such as a bum hip, they’ll help you get fixed up and back to work. They also offer vocational counseling, job matching, custom training, assistive technology and independent living help. You must be able to prove that you cannot afford the surgery yourself, and that your income is too low to pay for the treatments.

You don’t have to already be unemployed to receive assistance like surgery or dental work. You just need to have been told by a doctor that you require the particular surgery or dental work. Although they cannot just fill and cap teeth for individuals who need this type of work, they can help you get major dental work done if it is preventing you from going to work because of pain. They can also assist you with dental work if it’s keeping you from being able to work in a field in which you’re qualified, but overlooked, because of your dental appearance


April 3, 2007

A little-known grant program is available for disabled veterans to help them get started in their own business. The grant may be limited to $10,000 and can be explored by contacting the VA Office


February 27. 2007

You may be eligible for temporary assistance which is available for needy families from a federal program that will provide a monthly cash grant and medical care to families with children who have experienced a sudden drop in income due to the loss of a spouse or job. The amount of the monthly grant depends on the number of people in your family and any income or savings you have. Contact your local social agency.

February 23, 2007

Note: I do answer each and every email that is sent to me. It may take time for me to get to your email but I will get to it. More information about grants can be found at:

There you can find the most basic questions about grants and grant programs in general.

February 15, 2007

If your family of 4 made less than $2000 this month (or if you as an individual made $1000) you may be eligible for one of the government's nutritional programs. You may be eligible for up to $500 in food/groceries.

February 9, 2007

If you are age 65 and older and live in the NJ area there is a program to help provide you with a wheelchair with no cost to you. Please contact your local social agency to find out more about this program.

Grant Programs For Individuals

There is so much mis-information about grants! Yes there are grants out there BUT there is no one place that you can apply for them. Each organization whether it be the government, foundations or even big businesses and corporations each have their own individual criteria as far as to what you will need to apply. Some financial funding programs start their application process with a simple letter of intent and yet others require specialized and quite a bit of information in order for your application to be considered. The rest of the programs fall somewhere in-between. There have been grant programs where farmers (or even those that weren't farmers but had the ability to) have received monthly checks to grow weed! In another case a man got so much grant money that he gave some of it back! He said it was too much. In another country a witch got a grant (yes, a Witch!) to start her own business selling potions and other related services! So yes there are grants out there!

If you feel that this information has been helpful to you then please consider donating.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Lindyboston
Hi all we can do on here is give u information i am sorry but we do not no any information where u can get help for what u are asking for. The person u posted to not been on here in some time now.
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i was just diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease called keratoconus.
Keratoconus is a progressive, debilitating bilateral eye disease in which
degenerative thinning of the cornea results in complex irregular bulging of
the normally round, spherical cornea (the clear covering in front of the eye)
Keratoconus results in grossly distorted vision similar to looking through a
windshield while driving in a rainstorm without using windshield wipers.

Keratoconus is characterized by thinning and protrusion of the central cornea,
resulting in a ghosting and glare, photophobia, halos around lights, decreased
vision, and monocular diplopia(double vision).
While the early stages of keratoconus can be treated with spectacles, those with
moderate to-severe keratoconus suffer from decreased vision which cannot
be corrected with spectacles or conventional contact lenses
However, most keratoconus patients can achieve functional vision with specially
designed therapeutic contact lenses.
Keratoconus is one of the few conditions where contact lenses are
not cosmetic, but are medically necessary according to the 1999 AMA
definition of Medical Necessity, which is now the standard of care(other conditions
include unilateral aphakia, post corneal transplant, and a very high myopia).

It is well documented that specially designed contact lenses: rigid gas permeable (RGP),
scleral, hybrid or a combination of a rigid gas permeable lens riding on a soft lens
configuration (called tandem or piggyback lenses) are the treatment of choice for
moderate-severe keratoconus and to correct post-transplant vision.
A scleral lenses is especially helpful in rehabilitating moderate to severe
keratoconus and post corneal transplant vision because it vaults over the steep
cornea or the graft-host interface avoiding any pressure on this delicate tissue.
All these uniquely designed keratoconus lenses improve vision by providing
a clear optical lens that masks the distorted areas of the cornea creating a
smooth, regular optical surface over the patient’s very irregular, cone-shaped
By masking the distorted vision caused by keratoconus and post-transplant
vision irregularities, these lenses can provide the required visual acuity necessary
to perform daily routines. Without these corrective lenses,these patients are
visually handicapped. They would not be able to perform even the simplest tasks
of daily life: reading, driving a car, attending school or work,or even recognising
a face across the room. Spectacles cannot achieve these results.
The lenses in a pair of glasses are too far away from the optical surface
of the cornea to create the smooth refractive surface necessary to translate the
image clearly to the back of the eye and therefore to the brain.
These therapeutic contact lenses are not cosmetic
They are specially designed devices that treat a medical problem.
Just as a leg brace helps a lame patient to walk, these therapeutic contact lenses
provide treatment to allow those with keratoconus to have vision.
Based on the above information about keratoconus, we trust that you will deem these
corrective lenses medically necessary an d worthy of insurance coverage for the diagnosis
of keratoconus and post-transplant vision rehabilitation according to this patient’s plan provisions
For more information about keratoconus visit our website at:

I cannot get medicaid or mass health to pay for the exam or contact lenses because they still consider it to be cosmetic in nature, even though it has been explained to them over and over again that these contact lenses are MEDICALLY NECESSARY IN ORDER TO TREAT THIS CONDITION!! I am slowly going blind at this moment and I am now living without treatment, which means that I will eventually go completely blind because of no treatment. I have a medically treatable condition, but am not being treated because I am being denied treatment. The government and others complain about how their is a steady rise in the rate of eye disease and blindness in the US, but yet they allow people who are in financial hardship to go blind, deaf, or disabled because they cannot afford the treatment necessary to help them live a productive sighted life. PLEASE HELP ME!! I have no hope, no real future.
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care for others
I am attempting to help a couple that is in need of a place to live and some type of financial help in order to stay in that place. Anyone in Newport News Virginia that can help?
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littlelacie   in reply to only1karris
hi, you posted to someone who has not been on this site for years. you can type in needhelpwithbills,city,county,state. you will then see a list of places that might be able to help.
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Thank you for sharing these resources! May I have the name of the organization that provides the grants? I had an emergency surgery and my job is not paying me for the time off. I would greatly appreciate any kind of financial assistance.
Talk to only1karris
I have tryed 211 and local churches as well as dhs for help with this. We desperatly need help vehicle is broke down cheapest is 1,121$ we pay our rent and other bills just need help with this so husband doesnt loose job please please help
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Coder 2
Rose I need a Medical Data entry job. I see so many and I am very qualified but I am not getting any response. I am in the health field in fact I am a nurse and I can not travel outside my home right now so why aren't these medical companies noticing me. Help!!! Cindy.
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Hi Rose, I read your comment and am interested however, you didn't mention how to connect with the program. Can you give me more information?
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Rosetta girl
I want to find govt grant of $500,000 to purchase home in California. ..are they out there
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I am interested in opening up a group home for underprivileged children , daycare facility any grants for small business owners
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woman in a shoe   in reply to vannetta
Call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with they will give u a list of places to call good luck
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how do i contact the organiaion that helps with assistance
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Jeremy79
Not for should if this will help are not but try 211 give them city state and than tell them what u need. But I would keep calling the first one I give u if this one not able to help good luck and come back and let me know how u come out
Talk to woman in a shoe
Hello Rose I've been out of work since December 2009 do to an injury and lost my home and about to lose all my belongings that to be put in storage. I have had live on coaches since 2012. Is there funds available so I don't lose my storage and are there funds available for homeless. Thank you.
Talk to Cattt54
Hi I just signed up on here could you read my post and see if you know anyway I could get help building a small place or helpmwith left over building materials or repo buildings, I own land but all I get is 700 a month and can't afford allot but want to get kaleigh and me in a safer home
Talk to Jeremy79
Hello, i see you have some information about grants. I am trying to find a grant to start my own cleaning company and was wondering if you could tell me where to start. I do't need alot to start with, i figure i could get stated with 25,000.00 do you have any advice for me?
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missjanie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Awe sorry to hear that:-)
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woman in a shoe   in reply to missjanie
I am so mad right now the man did the snow Mon and he came down this morning and clean some that was out there this morning was just looking out the window the blow just came by and put all that snow at the end of the drive way now I got to call him and have him to come and clean this out are the night girl not going to be able to get in the drive or my husband be back
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missjanie   in reply to woman in a shoe
Ok its time i get off of here and get something done,ive got laundry to do dishes to wash and still havent taken my tree down!!! I have had a case of the lazy ass lol I will see ya back later
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